Lissom Noula

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Lissom Noula

Postby PegasusKnightSalvo on Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:31 pm

Name: Lissom Noula

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male

Race: Human


Class: Cavalier

Personality: Reckless to the point of forgetting the weapons triangle at the times it is needed the most, he is also as stubborn as a mule. Tyrying to get him to change his mind is as hard as trying to get a wall to speak. He is brave and rushes headfirst into battle, often with a grin on his face. He hates studying, and finds it hard to stay in one place for very long. He has a sense of duty in his blood, and cannot stand by as he sees someone suffer, and his duty to protect the people has enhansed his recklessness. He can be a bit blunt, but he's an honest person to the core. His weapon is a spear, and he is too stubborn to change it.

Background: The son of a Lord of a faraway Isle, He was raised totake over his father as heir to the land. He always shirked his studies to go wandering the port city where he lived. He became notorious for challenging local kids to train with him, and is adored by his people. His life was idyllic as he grew up, until his mother died giving birth to his baby sister, Gabriella.
On the day of his nineteenth birthday, he was out guarding a supply line to a local village. During this time, the city was attacked and it was until later that Lissom found out that his father was dead and sister missing. Being pursued by the murderer of his family, Blanc, he and a few of his trusted firends got aboard a ship heading away. The ship got caught up in a storm and was dashed upon the shores of a new, unknown land. Trying to get home to get revenge for the death of his family, he travels the land, looking for a way back home
Affinity: Fire

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