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Kitty X Katsuro

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Support Level C

Kitty: *attempting to string her bow and failing miserably* ...Hmph. Why won't it work?!

Katsuro: *walks down the road looking at a map, when he sees Kitty just up ahead* Excuse me, little girl! *rushes towards her*

Kitty: *looks up* Hm? What? Did I do somethin'?

Katsuro: Huh? No nothing like that. I was just wondering if you happen to live around here. I'm kind of lost.

Kitty: Oh yeah! I live close!! I know where everything is!

Katsuro: Really? That's great. I need to find a village should be somewhere around here. Restock my supplies, you know?

Kitty: Uhm....*thinks for a long while* You want to go to the village?

Katsuro: Yeah... why? Is there a problem?

Kitty: Do you mean the town that's that way or the town that's that way?

Katsuro: Huh? Well, it doesn't matter, so long as I get to one. What makes one different from the other? All I need is some supplies.

Kitty: Well, I can't go to that one...and that one scares me!

Katsuro: Okay... um... How about you take me to your village? You said you lived nearby right?

Kitty: I live at a ranch!

Katsuro: Oh... Alright, well, I guess that could work... You don't mind taking me to your ranch, do you?

Kitty: Hm...okie dokie! I don't think Grandpa Will will mind!

Katsuro: Great! I can't wait to meet your family!

Kitty: I have a REEEEEEALLY big family!

Katsuro: Um... how... big is ... really big? *smiles nervously*

Kitty: *takes a big breath* There's Grandpa Will, Mr. Roark, Mr. Mark, Miss Anna, the twins, Valentina, Mr. Augustus, little Octavius, Mr. Jarvis, Uncle Alphie, Jesse, Konrad, Valentina.... Uh....*finally takes a breath* ....Oh! And Janet!

Katsuro: *Stands silents for several seconds* ... Wow... that's um... quite the family... Maybe it's better that I don't come, I wouldn't want to impose.

Kitty: They don't mind! Miss Anna likes visitors!

Katsuro: You know when you say it like that, I can't possibly refuse. Lead the way... um.. uh... what did you say your name was?

Kitty: Kitty!! You can call me, Kitty, Mister!

Katsuro: Nice to meet you, Kitty. My name's Katsuro. *smiles*

Kitty: Kat....suro.... Hey! Your name has Cat in it like mine!

Katsuro: Yeah, I.. I guess it does.. so, um... to your ranch then?

Kitty: Okie dokie!!! Follow me!! *darts off*

Katsuro: Well... she's... energetic at least... and she's offered me a place to get some food so... I guess I shouldn't complain. Hey, wait up!

(End support C)

Support Level B

Kitty: That's my home! Right there!!

Katsuro: Wow. Looks great.

Kitty: Yep! Miss Anna always cleans it up!

Katsuro: Very nice. So, you're sure you and your family don't mind one more mouth?

Kitty: Nope! Miss Anna always cooks a ton and Jesse's real good at gettin' stuff!

Katsuro: I'm sorry I keep asking. It just that... When I was growing up, I hardly had enough food to keep my dad and I fed.

Kitty: Oh...that's so sad...

Katsuro: its okay. Despite how hard it was, my dad and I always had each other. And that was always enough for us.

Kitty: Awwwww!! *hugs him* That's super sweet!!!

Katsuro: *smiles nervously* Um... thanks... um... that's... really appreciated... you can let go now...

Kitty: ...Why?

Katsuro: Um... well... you're um.... *thinks of a lie* crushing me ribs...

Kitty: I'm soooooo sorry!!!! *instantly lets go*

Katsuro: It's okay... *laughs nervously* You're really... um... energetic, aren't you?

Kitty: *shrugs* I guess so... Mr. Mark says I talk too much!

Katsuro: Who's Mr. Mark?

Kitty: He taught me how to shoot arrows!!!

Katsuro: Wow, he must have been quite the archer. I wish someone would teach me swordplay?

Kitty: Hmm....Grandpa Will can use a sword real good!!! And Mr. Roark!!!

Katsuro: You think one of them could teach me?

Kitty: Hm...maybe... Mr. Roark really, really, REALLY likes to show off!!!

Katsuro: Hm... And what about your grandpa?

Kitty: He was a knight a LOOOOOONG time ago! He taught Mr. Roark!

Katsuro: Wow, that's great. You think he'd mind one more student?

Kitty: I don't think so! He'd probably like it! He likes helping people out! ...Does that mean you'd stay with us?!

Katsuro: Well.. yeah. I guess I could. Maybe I could help out on the ranch even. *smiles*

Kitty: Uncle Alphie gets most of the horses...and Janet!!

Katsuro: Who's Janet?

Kitty: Mr. Augustus's wyvern!

Katsuro: Wyverns and horses?! Wow, you guys have everything here, don't you?

Kitty: Uh-huh!!! It's like a zoo!

Katsuro: Well, I guess I'd better go meet everyone if I'm going to stay here a while, huh?

Kitty: Okie dokie!! I'll show you around!!!

Katsuro: Great, I can't wait to meet everyone. *smiles*

(End Support B)

Support Level A

Kitty: And those are the stables out there and that's the kitchen and that's my room and that's where Grandpa Will sleeps....and that's where Jean Claude threw a book at me...

Katsuro: Wow... umm... wow... big... place. Didn't it seem smaller from the outside? *smiles nervously* Why did Jean... throw a book a you?

Kitty: *pouts* 'Cause he's mean and he's always picking on me!

Katsuro: He sounds mean.

Kitty: He is... All boys my age are mean!!

Katsuro: Well, maybe it's cause they like you. *laugh*

Kitty: *sticks her tongue out* They're all icky!

Katsuro: *laughs* Guys are icky, aren't they?

Kitty: ...Aren't you a guy?

Katsuro: Okay, so not all guys are icky, right? *smiles*

Kitty: I dunno'... You might be icky! I just don't know it yet!

Katsuro: Ouch... Now that hurt... *smiles* Oh well, can't win them all, I suppose?

Kitty: *giggles* Nope! Mr. Mark says that too!

Katsuro: Mr. Mark sounds like a good man. I can't wait to meet him.

Kitty: Just don't wake him up from his naps!

Katsuro: I don't suppose you know from personal experience, do you?

Kitty: Oh yes... Mr. Mark gets super cranky!

Katsuro: Good to know... *stomach grumbles* I don't suppose you've got something to eat?

Kitty: Miss Anna could cook something!!!

Katsuro: That would be great. *smiles* I haven't had anything to eat since breakfast. I'm starving.

Kitty: Miss Anna's the bestest cook ever!!

Katsuro: Great! I'm sure I'll love her food.

Kitty: Everyone does!! I like her cookies the bestest!

Katsuro: Cookies... I love cookies!

Kitty: So do I! I like sugar and chocolate and cinnamon and sprinkles...

Katsuro: Whoa, slow down, Kitty. I'm going to starve to death if you keep talking like that. *laugh*

Kitty: Okay okay... Follow me!!! We'll go find Miss Anna!

Katsuro: Great. *smiles* Lead on, Kitty.

Kitty: Ehehe!! Follow meeee!


Katsuro, wandering stranger and Kitty, energetic welcomer

Kitty introduced Katsuro to her large family. They went on many missions together. One day, Katsuro was asked to even join the 'family'. Katsuro gladly accepted. A decision Kitty was very pleased and excited with.
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